About this blog

This is an informal tool to share information during the process of collection and compilation of information so that Knowledge is shared at the Crop Genebank Knowledge Base. (http://cropgenebank.sgrp.cgiar.org)

This is to improve your awareness about the site above and have more participation from you.

This is to give a more human perspective about what is going on and the main problems faced by all of us.



  1. rch said

    There seem to be a lot of pages that are empty (“under construction”)

    But there is nothing to show which of your links leads nowhere, and which of your links is good

    I suggest that you have a special page which lists all the work in progress

    And that you delete the go-nowhere links from the rest of the site

    This would reduce the level of frustration among your visitors
    And it might even get people helping you to fill the empty pages


    • Alexandra said

      Dear rch

      Thank you very much for your comments. You are absoutely right, many pages are still empty. Most of them are ongoing work with a few collaborators that will be visible very soon (they are password protected until they are ready for the public). We should have them all visible by end of March 2010.


  2. liang said

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