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Radish best practices paper

A collaborative study, undertaken by Bioversity International with eight national and international genebanks, utilized the framework provided by the CGKB to develop the radish conservation best practices available in the CGKB crop section. In the paper about their development just published online in GRACE  you can read more about the differences in procedures and practices in radish conservation currently applied in five key genebank activities, namely, acquisition of germplasm, viability testing and monitoring, seed drying, seed storage, and regeneration. While in a few cases genebanks agreed on a specific best practice to recommend, in others it was not desirable to identify one practice as superior to another, therefore a range of existing practices has been included in the CGKB radish best practices pages as a variety of equivalent options. The results of this study highlight the importance of proactive genebank management aimed at meeting the standards within the specific context in which a genebank operates.


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