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Second Genebank Training course in South Korea (July 2010)

We did it for the second time! A lot of support was received from KOICA, Bioversity International and RDA. This time the CGKB knowledge base was mostly completed with most web pages with many sorts of information and links. It was therefore easier to navigate through while talking about subjects covered by the CGKB. This shows one of the great benefits of this site, that anywhere and at any time (as long as connection to internet is good and reliable!) information can be accessed and links explored. We have distributed some CD’s with information and files but soon these are outdated as new information is regularly uploaded into the CGKB.

It was a great experience, with a wide range of expertise amongst the participants from 8 countries. Time was just enough to browse some important genebank issues but knowledge was shared and opportunities and possibilities shown, that can be explored later in their own countries and specific conditions.

This time there was faster interaction between students and trainees, with meals spent together and a few tea breaks for chats. Although, not much interaction occurred during the practical sessions as did last year…

We have placed some pictures of the training in our flickr album.

Please fill free to add your pictures too so that all the participants can share them!

Hope to hear from all of you soon!


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