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What is new and noteworthy in the Crop Genebank Knowledge Base?

A lot is happening in the last few weeks and we want to share these news to keep you in the loop of the ongoing work. The site is growing all the time!

The site is getting its pages fully uploaded. The 9th crop, cassava is going to be uploaded soon!

New pages are being prepared to include some more relevant additional results of the GPG2 project (the project that provided the initial funds to establish this site). They will be placed under the ‘management procedures’ and will disseminate strategy documents about genetic resource collections of:

  • Genetic stocks
  • Non-plant taxa (microbial, fungal, insect and nematode)
  • Neglected and underutilized species

And the great news about the site expanding plans is that we have just started translating the crop pages into Spanish! This is the first (and hopefully not the last!) extra language we are introducing. They will become public very soon. The first one will be maize!

Please let us know if you would like to participate translating it into your native language in your country!

This site belongs to all of us that work within and across genebanks, so help us to improve it and making it better! Send us your comments and suggestions!


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