Crop Genebank Knowledge Base presented at the IAALD congress (France)

From the 26th to the 29th of April the International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists (IAALD) organized their 13th world congress in Montpellier, France. This year’s theme was “Scientific and Technical Information and Rural Development: Highlights of Innovative Practices” and was attended by around 300 people coming from more than 50 countries.

Group photo IAALD 2010

The CGKB team used this event to show and promote the CGKB website to  colleagues and professionals in agriculture and communication business. A collective paper was written by some of the main contributors (about 20) of the CGKB site describing its content and how it was developed. This paper was presented as an oral paper during the plenary session on ‘Integrated information systems’. Thank you GC for a job well done!

The presentation was well-received by the audience. One participant asked the following (key!) question: Now that you have gotten this far how are you going to engage other genebank professionals around the world and ensure that the tool is sustainable in the future?

I believe that this is an important issue that requires our attention. If the CGKB is to be maintained and expanded then the site needs to be supported not just by a small team but by the entire genebank community!

It is then up to all of us to take collective ownership and responsibility and keep this site not only alive but healthy and growing!

More information on the IAALD Congress can be found here. (

The presentation on the CGKB can be downloaded here. (


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