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Crop genebank web reaches major milestones

End of the month, time for updates.

Last week we had the pleasure to look through the various pages of this site and see the end of the tunnel! All planned pages are completed with the initial information we envisaged. Some will still have new links uploaded soon, when relevant information is available and published elsewhere. All the other pages are now finalized (but they should be updated regularly). We have worked hard with so many collaborators and contributors, but we are finally getting there. It was a monumental task, that kept many of us working often until late, week and weekends, but well worth! It is very rewarding seeing things taking shape. However we should not forget that we also have to continue working hard to maintain the quality of what we developed as well as expanding it when opportunity arises. A great thank you to all that made this site possible and contributed to enrich its content, navigation and layout.

This week we had the final review of the project that made this site possible. We had a great opportunity to show the content and potential benefits of this sharing platform that was dully appreciated.

This week we also had a collective paper entitled “Sharing knowledge on best practices to manage crop genebanks” oraly presented in the IAALD XIIIth World Congress on Scientific and Technical Information and Rural Development, from 26-29 April 2010 in Montpellier, France. The paper highlighted our experience of working together, the challenges we faced and the lessons learned and ways to move forward to keep the momentum.  

Earlier this month we also finished an amazing number of small technical movies that have been linked through the site. They are also available in the Youtube channel:

This was a great opportunity of producing excellent and practical visual training materials with existing local resources.   

This knowledge base is already expanding before being formally finished. This is a great example of usefulness and relevance.

 We have now a good sense of responsibility and ownership of a good product that should keep us together, continuing working towards a common goal.


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