Are we there yet?

After almost three years of searching, compiling, writing, reviewing, editing and correcting, the site has taken shape into a useful source of knowledge on how best to manage crop genetic resources.  There have been many new learning experiences and challenges along the way, balancing important work on the CGKB with other urgent tasks that fill our days as custodians of some of the world’s most important crop diversity.  We have worked across time zones, by email and Skype, as small groups working together or working alone when partners didn’t reply or come through with the information on time, but in the end, we just did it! So as we work on final changes, the end is in sight – or is it?  Yes we have a product, yes it is available, but is it ever really finished?  In the past with manuals we did all of the same things to package the information and then we published it and it was done.  We could do that with the CGKB and say that is it is finished and is being used but how much better if we support the dynamic knowledge base that we created and continue to improve and expand it.  So are we there yet?



  1. Alexandra said

    Hi Jean you said it all! I have the same mixed feeling of achievement. So much is already done! Looking today at the site and the new feature showing information in different languages made me remember how small we started and how much it evolved since then but at the same time how much it should keep changing if we want to keep it updated… Alexandra

    • Geert Claessens said

      Dynamic websites require a lot of maintenance but look on the positive side! Whenever new information is available, a website can be updated. In the past a publication could be out-of-date the moment it was published. When working with websites, possibilities are, so to speak, limitless. New tools can be added as they are developed, new images or videos can be uploaded to enrich the content and, in my view, most importantly, you’ll reach a wider audience which by consequence will create a larger community of engaged partners.

      It’s true that a website requires constant maintenance but consider the life of a website a bit like life itself: Not an arrival but a journey!


  2. […] Cropgenebankknowledgebase’s blog seeks feedback. Let ‘em have it. […]

  3. […] Cropgenebankknowledgebase’s blog seeks feedback. Let ‘em have it. […]

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