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End of the year message

This message is posted a bit late… It was supposed to have been posted in December. Today is the last day of January and that prompt me to rush and post it before it is too late!

This is the result of the end of the year workload that I am sure many of you have experienced.

We would like to thank all of you that contributed to the website with text, comments, revisions, visual aids (photos, videos) and general support to our work. Many of you have worked often day and night, week days and weekends to finalize urgent taks and we are grateful for such dedication and commitment.

We are finishing the first phase of our work, the upload of all the major components of the website. Some work will be finished in January 2010 and the rest by the end of March 2010.

Some of the initial coordinators and collaborators have been promoted, shifted positions and moved to new jobs, passing most of the work to colleagues and new collaborators. This shows that this knowledge base was built in a flexible way that can grow and expand.

The end of the year meeting with all the GPG2 (the WB project that financed this work) activity leaders (most active contributors of this website) showed that the website is a valuable tool to disseminate and share knowledge and many activities not initially planned to be included are now wishing to display their results within our pages. We are now adding some new menus into the Management Strategies.

The seed crop pages are in the final stages, doing the final tuning and last revisions.

Regarding the clonal crops, we are also finalizing the cassava pages, that will be published soon. The banana pages are also partially finalized and will be the last crop to be finished.

We are also re-structuring and completing the Procedures page as well as finalizing the Learning Resources, to make them more interactive and attractive.

Hoping to have a great 2010 with even greater contributions and feedback from all of you!


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