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Promoting our Knowledge Base

In the last few weeks we have been busy promoting this knowledge base.

We want to let potential users as well as potential contributers to know more about it.

We prepared an oral presentation, a poster, leaflets and bookmarks (with the url of the site) that were presented:

The side event session was entitled “Global Public Goods and the Future of the CGIAR Genetic Resources System”, organized by the CGIAR System-wide Genetic Resources Programme (SGRP) . The CGKB was presented amongst other SGRP products. Several people attended the event and congratulate the team for the great job being done. A few participants also manifested interest to make contributions to the site pages. 

  • On 09 November 09 at the poster session of the 32th meeting of the ILRI board, ILRI, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Poster display at ILRI

The poster and the leaflets are great ways to show our product and make people aware of the potential of the information being gathered and the knowledge being shared.


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