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Summary of results from the Korea feedback forms

Most responses were very positive about the site layout, structure and content. Many of the respondents gave very useful comments and suggestions. A list of the most important ones are summarized below in three categories:

New features suggested

• Justify the need to use the various characterization methods described (biochemical, cytological, etc).

• Include outstanding work on diversity studies both at morphology and molecular levels.

• Need for more guidance on how to develop descriptors for new crops.

• More background information about when to choose to implement a field bank, DNA or Cryo bank, in addition to a seed bank.

• Include more practical issues about regeneration (to help decision making).

• Web link to the genebanks all over the world or information about them.

• Count the number of visitors.

• Include information about activities and training programs on genebanks.

• Version in Thai language, version in Korean.

• How the characterization data can be interpreted.

• Add more crops.

Improvements on the existent materials

• More information on the content.

• More links.

• Update new information and more details of modern methods whenever possible.

• Include links to standard requirements, standard forms, descriptors and other documents.

• More protocols about molecular work and tissue culture.


• In several pages there is no direction to go on top (previous menu/main sub menu).

• Pictures should be active for example the learning space, crops.

• Need of improvement on the pages that are still under construction.

• Management should have elements more directly related to genebanks.

• Many references do not have PDF links.

• More information about utilization and exploration.

• More green and brighter colors (related to agriculture and crops).

Our response/action

 These are all important comments and suggestions that were already discussed within the group working on this website. Action is being taken in most of the points, whenever possible.

The phrase in the banner was already improved and many pictures are now active links. The colors seem to be a very personal and very variable from person to person. The chosen colors (blue and orange) are related to the SGRP, the owner of the site. The logo on the top banner is also related to the same, so we have decided to leave it as it is.

We do not have at the moment, the capacity to increase the number of crops, expand information on utilization and exploration, or translate it into other languages. These could be possible topics for a future phase of the project.

We have however created a template form to receive information on new crops.

• If you would like to suggest a new crop and submit the best practices information please click here.

• If you are interested to translate some pages of the website into your language, please contact us.

A lot of questions concern characterization and regeneration procedures. We will try to incorporate relevant questions into FAQs, but major details will have to be done in future updates of the website. Do not forget this should be a continuous process with regular updates! Your feedback is very important to prioritize future updates and additions.

Regarding the need for more detailed protocols for molecular work or tissue culture, we will try to have some more practical links on these pages or a better defined list of contact persons (a few contact names from leading institutes in these areas).

We are aiming to finish revising the content and links until December 2009, as the site is still under construction. We are still working on the procedures page (although we are prioritizing the information by crops) to have some more detail and better references.

Many of the crop references are also being checked and linked to URL or PDFs. Most pages should be finalized by the end of 2009.

Although a lot of feedback was gained from the questionnaires, a lot of useful and important information and feelings was equally obtained through informal interactions with the participants. In future initiatives it is important to plan a good balance of formal and informal feedback.

Additional gains from the workshop

During the practical sessions of the workshop, many genebank procedures were studied and there were great photo opportunities to be used for the site.

Thank you Young-Wang Na for letting me taking photos of the laboratory practices! I had some problems with my camera but luckily I managed to have many photos taken with the help and support from Chan-Ki Shim (RDA) and Andreas Ebert (AVRDC). Thank you so much for your help!

I would also like to thank Myung Chul Lee and Yu Mi Choi for the great tour of the RDA genebank. It was extremely interesting and I also managed to take very useful photos to illustrate relevant pages in our website.

Some of the web pages with photos taken at the RDA genebank are below:

Seed processing

Seed viability


DNA bank


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