First comments on the blog

I realized that since I started this blog, I did not inform many people about it. That is perhaps why we still have ‘zero’ comments to any of the blog posts…

So I have decided to send a note to the people directly involved in the website (our direct  and indirect collaborators) as well as some people involved in the blog, knowledge sharing  and communication business. Thank you very much for all your comments (and hope you do not mind me posting your opinion here …).

The first results are shown below:

General comments

“I love the photo on the homepage!” V.K. from Hamburg .

“Congratulations on this launching. The Knowledge Base really looks like a powerful tool with an attractive and user-friendly interface! Well done indeed! I’d be happy to do a more thorough review after the summer.” P.R. from Rome.

“Many thanks, that’s a great idea. Maybe you know our blog” L.G. from Rome.

“Congratulations! After a quick browsing through the website I was happy to see how many doubts can be clarified from the content of the various blog pages.” M.V. from Portugal.

“Great website and blog! Congratulations on such useful communications tools.” S.M. from Nairobi.

 Things to improve:

  • Increase the font size for the bullet points (some are too small). Perhaps replace on the home page ‘Questions?’ with ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ which seems to be pretty much web standard. P.R. from Rome.
  •  The RSS feed does not always work, depending from which browser is used. It seems to work well when using firefox. The frame (showing the blog within the website frame) is not very nice and makes bookmarking a page on the blog impossible. L.G. and J.C from Rome.

Hoping to receive more comments (either via email or directly into the blog comment boxes) so we can improve!



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