A short update of our activities

The next 3 weeks will be busy for some of us, trying to finish several tasks before almost everybody goes for summer holidays (or just escaping the rainy and cold season in Addis that just started!).

I was absent for a short holiday during 2-3 weeks, just coping with urgent emails clarifications and replies. Most of the real work (getting the seed crops pages of the website ready for further revisions by the respective crop leaders) is still to be done and I hope to have it finished by mid July.

The web site was mostly revised for editorial purposes by I.T. in Rome, before asking the crop leaders to revise the technical side of it (next coming step, very soon).

G.C. is being busy in Montpelier uploading flip books (series of photos and text with details about specific procedures) and photos gathered from various partners. As you may noticed, most of the photos were taken at ILRI, just because I am based there (and asking regularly for existent photos or taking some of the pictures myself), but many of the pages of the flip books do not have any photos yet. If we get good photos from you we could nicely complement some of the pages and show a broader spectrum of activities carried out in the various centers. You are most welcome to have a look and send us your comments (or additional pictures illustrating any missing steps). Check the latest links:

ELISA flip book http://cropgenebank.sgrp.cgiar.org/content/view/191/294/lang,en/

Flip book of germination methods to determine forage grass seeds viability http://cropgenebank.sgrp.cgiar.org/content/view/190/293/lang,en/

Flip book of germination methods to determine forage legume seeds viability http://cropgenebank.sgrp.cgiar.org/content/view/176/280/lang,en/

Photos of forage legumes regeneration


S.A. helping us in Addis with uploading information and corrections finished part of his assignment at the end of July but might joint us again later in the year to help us with the final rush to complement the website.

E.D., E.G. and I.T. have been busy drafting a questionnaire and the program to test the website during the upcoming training in Korea (Korea International Course on Plant Genetic Resources and Genebank Management 7-18 September). We would like to have as much as possible ready to be tested there. We are aiming to do that for the seed crops, 80% of our crop pages.



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