Why? Just because…

I have learned about blogging and some other useful web 2.0 tools a bit more than a year ago. I started a personal blog soon after. I have enjoyed blogging about interesting issues and events I have been experiencing. I have been thinking about starting a more professional blog, but not so sure about the usefulness of it:

Is it worth the time?
Will you be interested in reading it?
Will you comment on it?
Will that improve your participation in the website we are making such a great effort to compile?

– The main idea of this blog is to have an informal tool to report (and possibly discuss and have some feedback) the ongoing work during the process of collecting and compiling information for the Crop Genebank Knowledge base (http://cropgenebank.sgrp.cgiar.org) website.
– It is to improve your awareness about the existence of our crop genebank website and have a more active participation from you.

– It is to give a more human perspective about what is going on and the main problems faced by all of us.

I wish we could receive more comments about the content we are uploading. I wish we could have more people sending interesting pictures from various genebank sites around the world. Sometimes very simple pictures illustrate very interesting processes, particularities and special characteristics of crops, places and people. Simple things sometimes (many times) matter a lot!

Anyway, after much thinking and contradictory feelings, we just decided to start this blog about genebanks and see what happens…

I just feel we need to share more and do this extra step…



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